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"Vanessa is a very knowledgeable teacher. Every time I enter one of her classes I can count on the fact that we are going on a journey of the body, mind and spirit. It’s pretty awesome to experience! I’d recommend her classes to anyone looking to expand their practice and explore yoga to the fullest."


- Ross Knight

photographer and avid yogi

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"Vanessa has a way of teaching that feels truly personalized and accessible. I know every class with her that I will be challenged and empowered at the same time. As a fellow yoga teacher, I can say that I learn from Vanessa whenever I get the opportunity to take one of her classes, whether it's gaining a deeper understanding about body movement or genius sequencing. Her sense of humor and music choices are just icing on the cake!"

-Beth Hardy

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"When I lived in northern Virginia, I would schedule my weekdays and weekends around attending Vanessa’s classes. They were the perfect blend of kicking my butt, and relaxing my brain and body! I would regularly tell my family, friends, and fellow studio friends that attending her classes felt like attending therapy. I always left feeling like a new muscle had been challenged in the best way. I miss Vanessa as my yoga instructor!"

-Meg Hart


"I've been taking classes from Vanessa for the last year or so, and I LOVE them.  Her classes are well thought out, organized and challenging both mentally and physically, but taught with compassion - if you're not there yet, that's ok, but if you want to go further, that's ok too. 


There is always an option to dial something up or down.  I really enjoy the unique way she brings anatomy education into her classes and I ALWAYS learn something new from her.  She is kind and funny to boot.  Vanessa is hands down one of my favorite teachers (and humans) and I could not recommend her classes more highly."

-Lisa Landis


"I have been attending classes with Vanessa for about seven months now, formerly in studio and now through live virtual sessions. She always creates unique and thoughtful flows, and assigns a purpose to each lesson. Her flow is designed around a theme, a mantra, or a body part every time.


I’ve attended vigorous flows and relaxing meditations, and walk away completely fulfilled every time. I appreciate that Vanessa introduces herself to everyone and states her intention before starting each class. She grounds her students and sets us up for a meaningful and successful experience.


Vanessa offers modifications and suggestions so every yogi can get the most out of their personal practice while enjoying the community of the studio and learning from her."


- Laurie Donovan


"After suffering from anxiety my entire adult life and enduring the physical and emotional challenges of caring for a child with significant disabilities for 18 years, I finally discovered yoga.  One of the instructors who has had the most impact on my practice is Vanessa. 


Vanessa’s approach to yoga is unique.  She has a solid understanding of the human anatomy and utilizes that knowledge in developing each of her classes.  This understanding has enabled me to improve my practice – I have increased my flexibility, I am stronger, my anxiety has significantly improved!  Every practice with Vanessa is fun and challenging, and she offers modifications every step of the way.  Because of Vanessa, I have attempted things I never thought possible – like a handstand!  


I learn something new from Vanessa each and every class and always look forward to practicing with her."

-Kim Turner Brown

"For me, Vanessa's yoga classes have made the difference between my occasional practice and a permanent lifestyle and fitness change. After two pregnancies and associated back issues, I couldn't exercise like I used to, and at times, could barely put on pants! Reluctantly, I turned to yoga. Other teachers' classes helped a little, but some actually made my back feel worse.


Vanessa's classes were my game changer. I was first drawn to how intentional yet creative her flows and transitions were, and then couldn't believe how great my back felt during and after her classes. Beyond just pain relief, her classes educated me on proper alignment and healthy movement, and have given me what two years of physical therapy could not: a sense of empowerment over my back issues, and ultimately healing through knowledge and strength. I will remain a student of hers as long as she teaches and recommend her classes to anyone who will listen (especially those suffering from back issues)!"

-Amanda Miller


"Vanessa teaches fun, energetic classes that are both challenging and accessible. The sequences are creative and the music is fabulous. Her focus on alignment has taught me a lot about how my body moves and in turn, has deepened my asana practice. I learn something new every time!"

-Vernieda Vergara

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"I have been practicing yoga for 20 years, consistently for the last 10. When I first went to Vanessa’s class at Honest Soul, I felt that she was a teacher who could change how I practice. She focuses on all the movements, especially all those little movements that I didn’t ever think about in familiar poses. 


Her clear way of cueing and instructing makes me adjust my positions ever so slightly, but definitely improves and enhances my practice. Vanessa has helped me begin to achieve challenging poses (inversions) which I never thought I could do. Her classes have made me stronger, more flexible, and more toned.  I look forward to her classes every week-in that hour or so, she makes me forget about everything except my practice and my mat!"  

-Jill Beadles

"Vanessa is an amazing and dedicated teacher!! I've been practicing with her for over a year. Her well thought out, organized flows always amuse me and spin me around on the mat. It's so much fun and you can tell that she does her homework :-)!! She is kind and understands that we are all different. She guides me, and makes me aware of my abilities. She is encouraging!! We have fun! I was so amazed at how many different ways we can get into a handstand when I attended her workshop.  Vanessa has never stopped learning, listening to us, and creating unique yoga flows. She makes me understand my body and my mind more and more in every class. I totally LOVE Vanessa!!! "

-Rae Piriyakulchai

"I have been taking Vanessa’s classes over a year and a half and she is hands down the best teacher I’ve been practiced with! I never felt the same after taking class with her. She has a different sequence every week that focuses on different areas of our body, and it is always spot-on an area I need to work on. Her flows challenge me every week.


Vanessa helped me to better understand my lower back issues, and guided me through how I can work on them in my practice. I took both her handstands, and low back workshops, and both workshops were extremely helpful. I’ve learned so much about my body. Her unique flows and awesome music playlists keep the classes very exciting and fun! She is the BEST! "

-Heather Park

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